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Football Predictions – Wise Stakes

Gambling is an age old practice that has been undertaken by many people the world over. There have been many forms of gambling which primarily are games of chance. One of the latest ventures in betting is sport betting. There are pundits who however view sport betting to be different to other betting forms. They justify their view on the fact that you do not rely on luck as the only parameter to win a sport bet. Those who have deep knowledge of the sport will have a higher chance of winning a sport bet.

Football is the most favorite sport for sport betters. With football, matches for which to place bets are always in abundance the world over. The options for stakes in a football match are also many. For instance one can bet on which team will win, how many goals will be scored, whether goals will be scored in the first half or second half and so on. In some situations you can have options of predicting the player who will actually score the goals.

How can you raise your probability of winning a sport bet? Well, there are many factors that determine the outcome of a football match for instance. You need to have an in depth understanding of these factors to stand a high chance of winning your bet. Sport prediction sites usually undertake this detailed research on your behalf before posting suggestions for you. One is always advised to do your own analysis of the match before betting.

Most football betters usually fancy betting on number of goals to be scored during the match. With this bet you rely on both teams to aid you win the bet. Serious football betters usually consider the over 1.5 goals option. Many people fancy this option because it is easy to happen since only two goals scored during the match win the bet. Regardless of how easy it is, one must however carry out research on the two teams. Know the teams and how important the match is to them.

Many prediction sites usually do careful analysis before fronting the over 1.5 goals on any game. First of all, teams that are known to be strong will always be fancied to produce more than one goal in any match. Secondly, teams that have very strong player that have a history of scoring goals with ease are good for such bets. In all this analysis do not lose the fact that you aim at increasing the probability of winning since any form of betting is about probability. The history of the two teams is also important to consider. If history indicates that for the past five years the two teams have produced over 1.5 goals every time they have met then it is prudent to posit that their next encounter will equally produce over 1.5 goals.

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