7 splendid cities that make Italy a True Heaven

Italy is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Planning a trip to Italy any day can be a great experience for you and your family. You can enjoy the beauty of the country while staying in the luxurious Italian mansion. Italy has a list of many beautiful cities, but there a few that make the country a true heaven. It is, of course, not possible to visit all the cities, so it is always better to target the most beautiful ones. The cities that are included in the list are famous for its beautiful landscapes, art, architecture or lifestyle. Thus, it can be said that Italy has something in store for everyone.

Places to Visit in Italy

Here you go with some of the beautiful places in Italy that are completely going to blow your mind. All of the places that are listed below have something about it that draws visitors to its land. If you ever find yourself under the sky of Italy, you dare not miss visiting these places or else it will be your loss. After all, the beauty of Italy starts with all these places that are listed in the list below. Here has a look at it:

1.Florence: Florence is known to be the land of Renaissance because of its glorious art culture. In fact, it is one of Europe’s great art cities that is known to the world. The city has so much of exquisite architecture and art that it becomes difficult for the visitors to pay attention to all of them. Apart from the great art culture, Florence also is known to have a vibrant and active nightlife which is thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists as well as by the natives of Florence. If you want to live a complete package of art and fun then Florence should be your destination.

2.Venice: Venice is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the earth. This is one such place that never fails to amaze people with its beauty. Venice seems to have an enchanting effect on its visitors. Once you visit this place, there is no way that you are going to get even in the slightest way. The main attraction of Venice lies in the fact that the entire city is built on the water. You can roam around the entire city of Venice sitting in a boat. Now that is something that you do not find in every other city and that is what makes Venice so special for the visitors. 

3.Rome: Rome is another great place that you need to pay your visit to when in Italy. The classical ruins of the place are enough to mesmerize the visitors. The entire city is covered with Renaissance art and architecture which gives a pleasing effect to your eyes. Apart from the great art and architecture of Rome, you will also find quirky shops and great neighborhoods to have fun. Also, the mild Mediterranean climate of the city is another persuasive point that draws the visitors. 

4.Milan: Milan is known to be the fashion capital of Italy. This is one such place that all the fashion enthusiasts will love to visit. If you are one of them then this is your ultimate destination. The city is also famous for its vibrant drink scenes and food. There are arrays of hotels in Milan where you can have a lovely stay at an affordable rate. The main attraction of Milan which draws the visitors to the city is the amazing designer stores located there. Every corner of the city is filled with designer shops and boutiques. 

5.Amalfi Coast: the Amalfi coast is yet another fabulous destination to visit in Italy. Located between the coastline of Ravello and Sorrento, this is a place that never fails to amaze the visitors with its beauty. The cliffs, the deep bays, the beautiful towns and villages of the place have an unusual charm that continues to draw all the visitors to this place. Amalfi coast is known to have some breath-taking views which you simply cannot afford to miss. For your comfort, the place also has a number of hotels and resorts for you to stay and enjoy your time. 

6.Italian Lakes: The beauty of the Italian lakes was first enjoyed by the Romans who then built grand villas in some of the main locations around the Garda and Como. Modern Tourism has transformed the entire place into a luxurious tourist attraction with lakeside hotels and other things. If you are visiting Italy during the time of the autumn then this is one place that you should definitely visit. 

7.Sicily: Sicily is a home to many fascinating Norman churches, Greek temples, and Baroque palazzos. Other than the manmade buildings, the city also has natural beauty such as the smoking craters of Mount Etna. Also, the mild climate of the place acts as a great advantage which draws the visitors to the city.

So these are some of the amazing places in Italy that you simply can’t afford to miss. Without visiting these places your visit to Italy is going to stay incomplete. So make sure that you tick all the places in the list and thus, make your trip to Italy a successful one.